Saturday, April 25, 2009

Debug Hacks

Debug Hacks is a book to introduce tips and tools for removing bugs. Debugging is one of time consuming process in the software development. However there is few books to describe debug.

Debugging is a kind of black art. We have never been taught in a class room. We need to have debug skill. Each programmer has own debug techniques but almost nobody try to describe their tips.

This is our challenge to describe the art of software debugging. The authors are linux kernel engineers of Miracle Linux Corporation ( I am one of the authors :-)

It covers from C/C++ application debugging to the Linux kernel debugging. We show the real world examples which we have fixed in our services.

Chapter 1 Warmingup, Chapter 2 Preparation for user land programs, Chapter 3 Preparation for kernel debugging, Chapter 4 Debugging for Application programs, Chapter 5 Debugging for Kernel Programs, Chapter 6 Various Tips and Tools.

This book covers GDB, strace, objdump, Valgrind, kprobes, jprobes, KAHO, systemtap, proc file system, oprofile, VMware vprove, fault injection, Xenand so on.

You will learn many tips to debug your programs.

Bad news is that it is written in Japanese. You may ask O'reilly Japan to translate this book to other languages, that is, English, Chinese, Korean, and so on.