Sunday, June 10, 2012

Building Facebook Application in five minutes

Yesterday (June 9th, 2012) I participated Heroku Junior Camp at Rakuten as a staff member. The workshop is designed for Junior Programmers to introduce software development using Heroku. We provided a large company meeting room and I was a beer bash master and drunk as usual ;-)

There were three groups, Java, PHP, and Ruby. I joined the PHP group led by Ando san, who is well known PHP hacker and the author of Candycane

He introduce to make a Facebook application using Heroku. His presentation in Japanese can be found in his blog.

I followed his explanation and click them. What you need is 1) github account, 2) heroku account, 3) Facebook account, that's it. You could make a Facebook application without any coding. very simple.

The application which I made in Five minutes is the following. It is a tutorial of Facebook application.

Enjoy building your own Facebook application.

Links: Heroku Junior Camp