Sunday, April 22, 2012

Using Apple product and Freedom

I am using Mac Book Air since last friday (April 13, 2012). Although I used Mac and Powerbook in early '90, it is the first Apple product in 21 century. I don't use iPod, iPhone, iTunes, iPad, nor any of Apple products.
Mac Book Air at Office

Last weekend I set up new Mac Book Air (mba, here after). By the way, it is a corporate computer so I don't pay it. I had wanted to make software development environment, so did google. I learned Xcode is popular tool. So I tried to download and install it.

You need Apple ID to download it. What is Apple ID? You need to register developer's site to install it. In order to register Apple ID, you have to provide your name, address, birth of date, telephone number and/or credit card number, and so on, to Apple, Inc. In order to register developer's site, you need to provide your Apple ID, affiliation, interests,  development OS, products information, many personal information to Apple, Inc.

I have a netbook which is built by Asus. When I started using it three years ago, I did not accept Microsoft agreement  which means that Windows were erased from my netbook and I didn't use Windows on it but I installed Ubuntu. So I have never provide my personal information to any companies, like Microsoft nor Asus.

I like free software. Because it is free. It means freedom like freedom of speech.

I was shocked that I have to provide my privacy to Apple, Inc. I just want to use this mba but if I want to use it, I have to pay my privacy. It is not free.

Now I understand Richard Stallman never uses Apple products.

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